GPS system winter road maintenance

Call&Report is a powerful and efficient GPS system for planning, administering and monitoring winter maintenance work and other field work, such as green area maintenance and property maintenance. Our Call&Report GPS system is a market leader in its segment – over 160 municipalities and entrepreneurs in Scandinavia and Europe use Call&Report. Using our system, they can ensure that tax money is spent wisely and effectively, guarantee timely and accurate service delivery, and assure a high level of service quality.

What is Call&Report?



  • Categorize tasks into different activity types
  • Predefine districts and routes ahead of winter season
  • Group drivers and contractors for quicker distribution of work assignments


  • Dispatch work assignments and follow up on response times
  • Monitor ongoing activities in detail or overview maps

Follow up

  • Confirm invoices and payments comparing against work reports
  • Create reports for insurance claims
  • Follow up on completion times

Some Call-&-Report numbers

customers in Scandinavia and Europe

GPS devices reporting their location

registered GPS positions per year

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Winter maintenance

Winter maintenance


  • Ploughing
  • Deicing
  • Storm drain cleaning

Spring, summer and autumn

  • Maintenance of watercourses

  • Roadside maintenance

Park maintenance

Park maintenance

  • Grass cutting
  • Inspection of playgrounds
  • Inspection of public bathing areas
  • Tree inspections
  • Lighting inventory
  • Emptying of litter bins
  • Watering of green areas
  • Weed control
Property management

Property management

  • Fault reports
  • Repairs
  • Grass cutting
  • Snow ploughing
  • De-icing
  • Snow shovelling
  • Invoice control
  • Control of resource utilization
The best thing about Call&Report is that I have a full overview of how my staff and my contractors are salting, plowing and sanding, based on this I can then reallocate resources in good time if an area needs support.

Operations Manager, Oxelösund Municipality

In investigations of personal injuries but also property damage, the quality assurance that Call & Report provides has resulted in lower costs.

Street Engineer, Umeå Municipality

Call&Report is perfect for our purpose as we use it both for winter operation and also for summer operation.

Operations Manager, Mjölby Municipality

The call-out function saves a lot of time for us when calling out our winter maintenance teams.

Supervisor, Köping Municipality


GPS or app

GPS or app

You select the GPS equipment that best suits your business; Call&Report provides flexibility and lets you choose between using portable GPS transmitters, mounted GPS transmitters or an app on your mobile phone (available for both iOS and Android).

Customized data collection

Customized data collection

For all logged tasks, driver, date, start and completion times and GPS tracks will be recorded automatically. It is possible to log more information; the driver could also log e.g. quantities of material, obstacles or potholes along the way, and even complement the data with photos.

Liability claims

Liability claims

Was the road section ploughed before or after the accident occurred? Did we fulfill time requirements when treating this section of road? Has our truck been passing the site at the time when the reported damage allegedly occurred?

Get answers to all your questions and address liability claims using our incident report.