Who we are


Enera has been providing Automated Notification solutions since 1995. We started working in the Transportation Industry, providing an automated notification solution for Winter Maintenance. In Winter Maintenance, three things are important:

  1. Simplicity: any solution must be operated by personnel who are not IT specialists.
  2. Lives are at stake:  If you can’t get plows and salt trucks on the road quickly, fatal accidents are the result.
  3. Sophisticated: you have to be sure you have a full complement of drivers so a system has to try alternate numbers, or even backup drivers.

With Snow and Ice, you get lots of opportunities to practice, find a better way. A typical winter maintenance operation will use a notification system 50 or 60 times a winter. Not surprisingly, if you use something like this that often, you can see how it should be improved. We’ve listened, and as a result, we are proud to list many other organizations far removed from Snow and Ice that use our tools: 

  • Corporate Business Continuity
  • Refineries, Chemical and Nuclear Plants
  • Military sites
  • Emergency Management
  • Government COOP groups

Our solution is the only notification solution that is on the Approved Product List (APL) for the US Department of Defense.

Business Philosophy

The Enera group is an international company with a history of stable growth and profitability. We have achieved this growth organically without involving venture capital. Our customers deal with a provider whose service has seen stable and reliable leadership. We believe in long term relationships with both partners and customers where the emphasis is on excellent customer support, so that their investment in RapidReach pays a steady return in the form of reliable, effective emergency notification.