System overview

Call&Reports is a webbased SaaS solution suitable for all types of fleet management. Registration of staff, resources (e.g., vehicles), activity types (e.g., plowing, salting) and follow up of activities is all done through a lucid, straight-forward website. 

The inbuilt call-out module makes sending out work orders easy. Call&Report calls your staff or contractors with a detailed work description and asks them to confirm the assignment.

Call&Report can also be used as a work report tool only, where staff and contractors registers start and completion of their activities, by registering activities through a smartphone app or by calling Call&Report. 

All activities are logged in realtime but also stored for future record-keeping. Data presentation is lucid and intuitive and all details can be printed or exported to file.

Add GPS support

Combined with GPS, Call&Report will log routes together with the activities. Speed, stops and driven mileage will be registered too.

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Get started right away

Call&Report is accessed from your web browser - no installation is required. All you need is an account. You can subscribe to Call&Report for one, three or five years. Call costs for work orders are additional, based on usage. Discounts for longer terms, or higher volumes of call units. For more info, fill out this form.

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