How it works

Send out job assignments...

Call&Report makes distribution of any job assignment effortless. You can contact one person or a whole team just as easily. 

Call&Report will log when a person starts and completes an assigned job.

Your employees or contractors can report back their activities either through a phone call or our smartphone app. You can also equip them with AVL units that automatically reports back start and completion times. These AVL units will also log GPS positions that will be displayed live in your browser. You could also manually register your emplyees' or contractors' activities yourself, through the Call&Report web client.

Make sure everything goes to plan...

An activity can be monitored in real-time on the web, from start until completion. Activities are logged in detail with information about type of activity, date and time. GPS positioning allows you to follow also where activities are taking place. 

Follow up...

You can easily go back in time and collect information about an activity that was carried out yesterday, last week, last month or even years ago. You get details about type of activity, when it was carried out and where. If logging GPS positions, speed and any stops made along the route will also be logged.

If you need statistics you can filter your data based on time, type of activity or person. This will present a detailed list of all records that matches your filtering criteria. This information can then be printed or exported to file for further processing.