Call&Report does not require any advanced equipment. For supervisors, Call&Report is accessible directly through the web browser and in its simplest setup, employees or contractors can report their activities by phoning Call&Report, from any telephone. 

If you want Call&Report to log GPS positions, you need to add GPS equipment. We have made sure that also when combined with GPS equipment, Call&Report is still easy to use - we provide preinstalled GPS devices, ready to use right out of the box.

GPS equipment

Our GPS devices log start and completion times, routes, speed and any stops made along the route. We provide portable units that are easy to carry on person or move between vehicles, as well as mounted units that can be connected to existing equipment in the vehicle, e.g., a salt spreader.

The devices can be configured to automatically log start of activity when detecting movement. Activities can also be reported by pressing buttons on the device. The buttons provide somewhat more flexibility, as they allow you to not only report start and completion, but log different types of activities or record an isolated GPS position along a route.

The buttons allow the driver to easily report back on activities. You can decide yourself how to utilize the buttons on the device.

Smartphone app

Activities can also be logged using our smartphone app. The app has inbuilt GPS support and is available for both Android and iPhone. It is simple to use and easy to install. We also deliver preinstalled smartphones and tablets, if you would prefer to order a complete package from us.

The smartphone app is easy to use, with a lucid, simple user interface. 

Mix, combine and customize

Tailor Call&report to suit your business' specific demands: mix, combine and configure the different equipment types as you please. Contact us to discuss which option would work best for you! We will set you up with a free trial and test equipment so that you can make your own evaluation.

Test yourself

Test Call&Report and GPS equipment for free for 30 days. We will help you with all you need to get started with your test. For more information, fill out this form or call us directly on 866-463-6372.